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Fit Girl Blowbangs

OMG ... Rey was fantastic at BlowBang Girls. Rey is a serious runner and just looking at her body you can tell. She has plump tight booty and a ripped stomach and that fitness gave her the incredible skills a slaying a blowbang! She gives 7 blowjobs and gets 7 facials!

BlowBang member testimonial on Rey's update: "Good start to 2018. No, great start! Rey is super hot and she has some nice little tan lines and a lovely booty. She has that nervous excitedness that's fun. Nice to see her have so much fun and she can really suck a cock. A few of the guys helped her to take their penis balls deep in her mouth and she did a great job. It was fun seeing her giggle and look up at the guy after each one ejaculated in her face. I heard the BBC say put your hair tie on and knew it would be good lol. Great job as usual and it was fun when he laid his big penis on her face and messily rubbed it on it. He barely at time to take his big cock out of her mouth before covering her face with a big load. Such a fun girl and Rey certainly get messy with jizz."

Latina Confession!

Ok I have confession to make … I totally have a fetish for Latina women! My fetish for them developed when I moved to Phoenix in 1999. Phoenix is the first place I have lived that had a large population of Latinos, so when I discovered the beauty and personality of Latina women that I passed in normal everyday life I as totally into them!

With BlowBang Girls being located in the Phoenix area we are lucky enough to have lots of Latina women show up to shoots for our various sites. Below is a picture containing just a few of them, however, we have many more on our various sites. That Latina girls that come and shoot for us are some of the best blowbangs and blowjobs we have. They are generally really outgoing and share a lot of their personality. The stereotype of Latina women being outspoken totally holds true for the most part, they are some of the most vibrant personalities on our sites and they are willing express their thoughts and sexuality. Not to mention most of them are awesome at blowjobs LOL!

Whether they are teens, 20 somethings, short, tall, thin, curvy, petite, big tits, big ass or whatever they are all fun and full of energy. So, I just wanted to give a shout out to the beauty, personality and nakedness of the Latina women on our sites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! ~ Rob

Fresh Off The Bus

A total newbie coming this Friday September 22nd. My Dirty Demo Mike has been trying to get this woman to shoot for us for 2 months. I guess 3rd time is the charm … Miranda is from out of state and twice prior she was scheduled to be at our shoot and no showed the day before the shoot. Well this time she came through! After missing two plane flights she was begging again to come and shoot, well this time she was told … get on the bus and if you get here we will shoot you. Show say hello to Miranda, she is literally “fresh off the bus” and a fun and slutty 18-year-old Latina. For an 18-year-old she really had some nice curves. You’ll see them on Friday.

Pictures of Candee May


Added a complete set of pictures of Candee May today. Her teen Latina curves and her big ass are super hot!

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