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It's Fun Having Frisky Friends


Hello all,

I just want to say that the past month at BlowBang Girls has been exceptionally fun. That is because we have had women come into BlowBang Girls that our real life friends. Having friends come together to the studio always results in some fun action. The funny part is we never ask a woman to "jump in" and help but sometimes the women just get turned on and sometimes a friend sees that her girlfriend just needs a helping hand. In the case of both Adora and Madeline brought their friends Lunacita and Jade into shoot. Both Lunacita and Jade are newbies and had never sucked so much cock. By the time the end of the blowbang came around in both shoots Adora and Madeline could see their friends where having trouble with Lee. Lee is built well and it is a lot of dick for a newbie. So, with the skills Adora and Madeline have they both jumped in to lend their friends a helping hand (or mouth should we say). I really thank Adora and Madeline, as well as, Lunacita and Jade for being such fun and vivacious women that enjoy a good sexual time! Friends helping friends is a good thing!


BlowBang Girls is Now HTTPS Secure


Wanted to let everyone know that we have upgraded BlowBang Girls to be 100% HTTPS encrypted and secure. The entire website, both tour and members section now uses SSL encryption so you are safe with us! We are concerned about your privacy and have taken another step forward in keeping you secure online!

Hot Wife


Nothing hotter than a hot married woman that loves cock and cum! Shelby Paris is one of those women!

Dawn Marie on Robin Knight


Recently we welcomed Robin Knight back to our Red Carpet at Blow Bang Girls. Robin is not new to our studio, she has shot with us a few times and we decided to ask her back for another round. Robin has so much energy and is so much fun to work with. Before the shoot I said, I think this is going to be about 25 minutes. We had 6 guys and knowing them and Robin, I knew she was going to have things popping in no time at all.

I shot the POV/BTS for Robin’s shoot and she had such great eye contact for the guys and let’s just face it, she has beautiful eyes. Don’t know how any guy can last very long having their cock in her mouth and looking down into those eyes.. And can I just say it, another girl on our Red Carpet that literally has no gag reflex!! WTF how does this keep happening? She took some of these guys balls deep and never batted an eye!

Follow Robin Knight on Twitter, so give her a follow and tell he I sent ya :) . And check her out on and of course, let me know what you think of my POV/BTS Shooting.

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