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Meet Audrey Miles

If you have not heard of @AudreyMilesxxx she is relatively new to porn and being booked by many of the big companies out there. This woman is simply fantastic. She is beautiful, smart, and hard worker. She is from the greater Phoenix area and we have become friends. She has not shot for BlowBang Girls at this point but may in the future. She just wants to get more shoots under her belt before doing something as crazy as blowbang. However, I have shot a bunch of photos of her and with her permission she is allow me to share them with you. This photo set goes from sexy to 100% naked and spread. So check out Audrey and if you have found because of me please tell her!

Wow Briella


Meet Briella .... sometimes at BlowBang Girls we really get lucky and find a total newbie that is simply fantastic! This week we had the lucky opportunity. One of our BlowBang Guys ran across Briella and asked her to do a blowbang. To our surprised she agreed and was super excited to do it! It is always amazing when you find a sexually confident woman that knows what she likes! And, it is even better when that woman has never shot porn before! BlowBang Girls was lucky enough to shoot her very first porn shoot and it was amazing. Watch Briella's pre-blowbang interview and warm-up masturbation and you'll know exactly what we are talking about!

Sexy Sabrina

Every now and then you run across a women that does adult videos that you had no idea existed. Our Friend Sidney (Twitter: @FitSidney) introduced us to Sabrina (Twitter: @xsabrinamayx) and we were impressed! Sabrina is from right here in Phoenix and she was spectacular. We definitely thanked Sidney for the introduction. This week we shot sexy Sabrina and she was spectacular. A beautiful woman with a pretty smile, sexy eyes, large DD natural tits and a nice curvy ass. Well, this week we have updated Sabrina doing her first blowbang and she was amazing! The guys loved it and she did 8 guys making them all cum! You don't wanna miss this update. Watch her free trailer -->> CLICK HERE!

We're Back and New Udpates Coming

Dawn Marie and I want to personally thank you for your patience with updates over the last two weeks. We took our first two-week vacation in several years. We needed to disconnect, revitalize ourselves and reinvigorate our passion for what we do! It worked, we have returned home and ready to bring you lots of exciting updates to all our sites. As small business owners running all our sites, we have worked like crazy the past 4 years building all the different sites we manage. This break was needed for our mental health and we hope you appreciate that because we appreciate our friends, followers and members very much.

We did a two-week driving trip and covered over 4000 miles in our car. We drove to St. Augustine, Florida to visit with my elderly parents. It was the first time we have ever spent a solid week with them by ourselves, no other kids or relatives. The amount of history in St. Augustine is truly amazing and worth seeing. After leaving St. Augustine we traveled to Montgomery and Selma, Alabama to visit several historic civil rights locations. We visited The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration and The Nation Monument for Peace and Justice. Next, we drove to Selma and visited the Edmund Pettus Bridge and walked in the historic footsteps of Martin Luther King and several other civil rights pioneers. It was a very moving day and gave pause for reflection on race relations in this country. We have come a long way, but we are not there yet, we need to keep working towards equal rights for all Americans.

So, again we want to thank all our friends and followers for your support and continued support.

Sincerely ~ Rob and Dawn Marie

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