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Now you can find Candee!!!

Hey guys ... here is the beautiful Candee May. Wanted to share her with you. She is really keen on doing more porn and truly enjoying herself. Just yesterday I shot some pictures of her so that she could have some promo pictures to share on your MFC, Twitter and Snapchat. So you want to get in touch with her please reach out and let her know how you found her online. ~ Rob

Why We Like Nerdy Girls (A Man's Perspective)

I have noticed in the last several years all the hype in the online CAM and adult world revolves around nerdy girls. Guys seem to love him. So, I thought to myself “what makes nerdy girls sexy to so many of us?”.

After pondering this question … I have my own perspective. Online adult sites appeal to many of us because of the amateur aspect of it. Porn girls that come at this expressing their real life nerdy personality is something many of us can relate too. The nerdy / gaming culture has grown up over the last 30 years. Even people in their 40’s and 50’s have grown up playing video games. Whether you are in your 20’s or 50’s we all remember those teenage girls that played video games with us and how we had so much fun hanging out going head to head playing games. Back in my day it was playing side by side on the classic arcade games, today it is playing online via Twitch, Xbox or Playstation. In either era, it is all about the fun we are having or have had in the past with the girl next door that liked hanging alongside of us and enjoying the common fun of gaming. Guys, you know the feeling I’m talking about … “Wow, I can’t believe I am sitting here next this cute girl playing videos games” … you think some naughty thoughts in your head but you keep them to yourself. It is those types of memories that make these girls so attractive to us today. Many of us wanted those girls to be our girlfriends, but we knew they were only friends in reality. However, today they can be your online virtual fantasy girlfriend.

As guys that grew up with technology we see these nerdy girls next door as “attainable” in our heads. They are not women to be put on a pedestal and worshiped in the vein of super models or the classic adult magazines. Rather, they are the pretty girl next door that we believe we would have a shot with in real life and can actually be our friends. We can hang out with them and game, attend comic con with them at our side, nerd out on the latest Sifi movie or nerd out building some crazy DIY robot project. Nerdy girls tend to be more friendly and open than girls that have that “I’m super-hot” mentality. In the online adult world, they provide a girl we can talk with and actually have something in common with to discuss. Bottom line, they will talk with us guys and treat us nicely.

So, CHEERS to all the nerdy girls out there that are willing to share their personalities and sexiness with all of us. Thanks for being real, friendly, attainable and fun. Thanks for bringing gaming girl sexiness to the online world.

Finally, this brings me to the impetus of this post. Here is an incredible sexy picture of Gigi. Gigi looks (and is) sexy as hell in this photo wearing her cut off shorts and cowboy boots. However, in real life Gigi is nerdy girl. She is very smart college junior studying an incredibly difficult major, she plays Hyperspace Dungeon and Dragons, she likes SiFi TV shows and she likes gaming. I am glad Mike discovered her and brought her to BlowBang Girls and it has been a real pleasure getting to know her.

Enjoy the picture, there are many more to come. ~ Rob

Added More Behind The Scenes

I wanted to do a quick blog post and let you guys know our past several POV videos have had some great behind the scenes footage added to the end of the videos. My friend Mike (@mydirtydemo) whom has been finding us girls for a couple of years has started shooting the POV videos. He started out working in the CAM industry and that is how he comes across so many women that are willing to shoot. Now he has started his own site too at and you can see videos of girls “trying out” to be in adult videos. He has many of their very first shoots. Below are couple of screen grabs from Mike’s behind the scenes videos and they are quite entertaining. He talks to them after the shoot while they are cleaning up and getting dressed and catches candid conversation with them. So, check out and of course we always enjoy your feedback. ~ Rob

Special 4th of July Weekend Blowbang



Here is a preview of this weekends update. We are running this recording setting blowbang for 4th of July weekend! It was truly amazing and it was Charlie's idea! She wanted 15 guys for one blowbang, we managed to get her 14 loads. This spunky young woman is fantastic and she crushed it. Stay tuned for this weekend this Friday and see Charlie get 14 facials!

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