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Gina Returns For More Cum

This is Gina’s 2nd time at BlowBang Girls! I will tell you that Gina is one gregarious woman and joy to have on the set. She is so funny, never stops talking and an open book … I think all us enjoyed listening to her stories. But when it comes to sex Gina is an animal. She loves cock and cum! This fitness woman is one strong MILF that when in sexual situations she likes to be manhandled. She kept telling the guys to pull her hair and tell her what to do. She devours cock and goes balls deep in her throat several times during the shoot. Gina's energy level is over the top and puts her abundance of energy into sucking these guys off. She is one sexy MILF and is the cougar at BlowBang Girls. She really got off sucking all the younger cock and she drains every last ounce of cum out of their balls. So enjoy Gina's return and watch suck off 5 guys and drain them of their cum!

Date Added: January 8, 2016


33 min of video


Rating: 4.7/5.0