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Tia's Trainwreck Blowbang

Ok this is not your typical BlowBang Girls update and I am not going to try and sugar coat this. It was pretty much a train wreck. Tia came to blowbang girls was gun ho to do it, however, she ended up buzzed or drunk or something because she was all over the place. The video is two different parts. The first part is Tia actually on her knees sucking cock and she manages to get 3 guys to cum but then all of sudden it went south. She was all over the place; stopping, calling time out, standing, laying down, moving all over the room and we just could not complete the shoot. So the second part of the video contains really funny outtakes from the shoot with some commentary. So you'll see Tia get 3 cum shots and then the video goes on to show some of her funny antics. You know BlowBang Girls is all about keeping it real so I decided to show you the real thing. Talk about reality porn it does not get more reality than this. So I hope you enjoy this update and appreciate it for what it is.

Date Added: March 11, 2016


19 min of video


Rating: 3.7/5.0

  • Featuring:
  • Tia

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