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Stephie Starr Her First Black Cock

This week at BlowBang Girls we had a super fun DIY porn girl … Stephie Staar. Wow is this 22-year-old full of energy and spunk. Stephie is a very humorous woman making all the BlowBang Guys feel comfortable and giving them a good time. We discovered two new things during this shoot with Stephie; (1) This was her first time with more than 2 guys and (2) this blowbang was her very first time doing interracial porn and taking a BBC. When our BBC guy Lee comes on at the end you could see that Stephie was like … "OMG it so big". And she worked hard trying to take all the big cock and she never backed away. There is a lot to love about this blowbang because Stephie works hard to take all the cock and I am not sure if it her attitude or her looks, but WOW did she make the guys cum big. Her face gets drowned in cum and try as they did the BlowBang Guys should not miss nailing her eyes. I think it because she was giving such good blowjobs they were just popping loads of cum without any discretion on where it was landing. So, don't miss this one for sure … Stephie Staar gets on her knees with all her smiles, jokes and giggles and gets a HUGE face full of cum and 7 different guys bury her face with cum.

Date Added: February 23, 2018


32 min of video


Rating: 4.6/5.0

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