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#1 Blowbang Girl Stares Down 8 Facials!

Rebel is back and this woman defies words when it comes to sexuality. I have shot BlowBang Girl videos for several years now and Rebel is definitely the #1 BlowBang Girl! No woman EVER has stared down a cum shot like Rebel. She tilts her head back with eyes wide open and takes all the cum on her face while making the guys feel amazing doing it. She truly enjoys what she does and gets off on every second of it. Today was another first for both Rebel and BlowBang Girls too … the pre-blowbang warm-ups we do with whatever girl that is shooting is usually done in private. Well, today Rebel masturbated and fucked her dildo in front the whole room. It was Rebel’s first real exhibitionist experience and it was the BlowBang Guys first time watching! Doing that made ever guy in the room super horny and ready to pop a huge load of cum. You gotta see this video because there is so much hot exhibitionism, face fucking, gagging, spit, deep throat, cum in eyes and facial shots you will definitely get off. And after all, what is a better way of getting off than at home when the Coronavirus is circulating. Grab your dick and enjoy yourself with Rebel! 8 Blowbang Guys and 8 facials including slow-motion cumshots!

Date Added: March 13, 2020


37 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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