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Adora Admits She is a Little Mouth Whore

Adora returns to BlowBang Girls after quite a long time. She has been one of the most requested women from both the BlowBang Guys and the viewers of our site. This woman is so much fun and truly loves being the naughty slut girl … her words, not mine! The guys love her because her blowjob skills are absolutely amazing and she NEVER shies away from the cum on her face, Adora actually gets off on the all the cum the guys can give her! And during this blowbang the guys gave her a lot of cum! She gets a ton of cum on her face and enjoys every second of it. Adora is amazing at blowjobs, deep throat, face fucking and does it all with enthusiasm and smiles! You will hear her beg for cum on her face and ask the guys to give it to her. She is one of those women that absolutely loves sucking dick! You must watch this to see how awesome she is and much fun the guys have blasting their loads on Adora’s face. She takes 7 cocks and 7 loads of cum on her face and never wipes off! Cum in her eyes, cum on her face and cum in her mouth! It is an amazing blowbang! Slow-motion cumshot replays included!

Date Added: May 28, 2021


35 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0