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Harley Returns To Drain 6 More Cocks

Harley is one of our most beloved women on BlowBang Girls. Both the viewers and the guys in the studio love Harley. She has a fun vibrant fun personality and her cock sucking skills are second to none. She totally gets off on the blowjobs and sucking all the cum out of the guys. It's very apparent too, the BlowBang Guys are always super happy when Harley is around. They all tell me that her blowjob skills are amazing. Plus the love her huge natural tits. She deep throats, she slobbers, she sucks balls, she makes noise and most of all she enjoys the cum. It truly gets her off seeing that she has pleased the guys and they get off easy with her. We have guys that sometimes take a while, but not with Harley she gets the come out of them right away … hehe! So enjoy Harley's return and watch her suck off and drain the cum from 6 different guys!

Date Added: December 17, 2015


25 min of video


Rating: 4.8/5.0