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Grosses Out Swallowing in Her First GH

Jessica is a young mother at only 26-years-old. She was telling me how she just wanted to get out and do something hot and sexy because she is stuck at home all the time with her kid, or she is working to support her kid. The idea of sucking anonymous dick at gloryhole had her really turned on! But wait, you will crack up once you start watching this video. She really gets grossed out by having to swallow all the cum and you can visibly see her gagging on having to swallow so much. Jessica is an all-natural amateur mom next door and I believe the fantasy in her head was hotter than the reality. For us watching it is way hot seeing a young mother gag on cum. I do believe Jessica liked it; however, she literally didn’t expect so much cock and so cum in her belly. Well, she certainly had the Jizz Locker experience and took 8 big loads of cum and swallowed. Slow-motion cumshot replays included!

Date Added: February 23, 2023


35 min of video


Rating: 4.0/5.0