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Face Banging Deep Throat Mandy Crushes It

Welcome Mandy Meadows to BlowBang Girls! This woman is absolutely incredible and right near the top as one of the best BlowBang Girls ever! If you have seen Mandy before you know her top-notch face fucking skills. This woman is simply amazing at face fucking, deep throating and gagging on cock. In this blowbang Mandy really lets the guys man handle her and shove their cocks in her mouth and throat. You’ll see her gagging on cock and a couple of times in the video she even spits up because of cock going so far back in her throat. She is trained singer and that truly helps with her being able to open her throat! Mandy also has such a fantastic outgoing personality. This woman got her face and eyes covered in cum and never wiped off during the shoot. And she did it with huge smile on her face and laughing at all the cum on her. Don’t miss this hot blowbang where Mandy Meadows gets 7 facials. Slow-motion cumshots replays included.

Date Added: June 21, 2019


47 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0