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Cum Queen Anastasia Gets Mega Facials

Welcome Anastasia Rose to BlowBang Girls. Anastasia is very popular in this business because of her enjoyment of doing group scenes. She loves cock and truly enjoys doing blowbangs, gangbangs and gloryholes. This woman is a beast and I mean that in the best possible way! She sucks cock, gags, spits, plays with cum and gargles cum in this blowbang. And here is the wild part, her skills are so good she blew through 6 guys in 15 minutes and the guys were cumming huge! Her face gets drenched with loads of cum! Watching her gargle and play with the cum is an amazing sight! The other thing that makes this blowbang so hot is Anastasia does a lot of dirty talking. Don’t miss this one, it is truly epic! Anastasia Rose sucks off 6 guys getting drenched in cum and never wipes off a drop. Slow-motion cumshot replays included!

Date Added: August 26, 2022


20 min of video


Rating: 4.3/5.0

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