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An Awkward 7 Facials

Ok guys you know …. at BlowBang Girls we keep things real! This week we had 19-year-old Dani at our BlowBang. She was all gung ho and ready for the fun. However, I have to admit once the blowbang started I believe she quickly became overwhelmed. You can see the dislike on her face and in her attitude. I do give her cred for sticking it out and finishing, however, she was awkward throughout the whole thing. We have had plenty of teens and 20 year olds at BlowBang Girls and generally they giggle, laugh and have a good time, however, I think Dani signed up for more than she bargained for. She had to stop a couple of times and grab water and at one point she even said, "this is a turn off". This woman barely spoke at all and not only that, she gave the most silent blowjobs I have ever "not heard" LOL! She didn't even have saliva in her mouth when the guys asked for a little spit. But to Dani’s credit she did not get up and walk out. She stuck it out. Dani has a ripping body and I believe her confidence over took the reality of the situation she signed up for. So, if you enjoy "cum-dislike" scenes you will love this one, because Dani gets 7 facials and totally gets her face drench in cum big time. So, watch as this fit teen get covered in cum and pretend to enjoy it!

Date Added: August 11, 2017


26 min of video


Rating: 4.7/5.0

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