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BlowBang Queen has New Tits Gets 7 Facials

Rebel has returned to BlowBang Girls. This summer the beautiful Rebel had breast augmentation and her new boobs look amazing. After sitting on the sidelines for 6 weeks she was eager to get to shooting porn. Rebel hit us up and wanted to do a blowbang to get back to shooting. This blowbang is fantastic and the BlowBang Queen crushed it by setting a new blowbang record. She knocked out 7 guys in less that 15 minutes of actual blowbang time. Nobody brings the blowjobs like Rebel. With her bottomless throat, slopping sucking and go-for-it attitude the BlowBang Guys were popping fast. Rebel even has an orgasm during this shoot as she gets her pussy played with! You will see how turned on the guys are during this blowbang as Rebel gets her face truly drenched in cum and she gets crazy messy. There is cum all over her face as she smiles and enjoys every minute of it. Don’t miss the return of Rebel as 7 guys cum on her face in record time and slow-motion cumshot replays are included.

Date Added: August 6, 2021


28 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0