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The Girls / Alessa Snow

Avg Rating: 4.8

Alessa Snow Vital Stats:
Height:  5'6" (168 Cm)
Age:  26
Astrological Sign:  Gemini
Fun Fact:  Alessa is a former porn girl that retired years ago and now shoots porn occasionally for her own enjoyment.
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Alessa Snow Updates

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Another great POV / BTS shot by Mike. Alessa Snow sucks a lot of dick and gets her face covered in cum. Watch as she takes all the cum and does not wipe off until the end. So, you'll see her face totally drenched in cum. You also get to see the guys fingering her pussy and she orgasms for real multiple times in this video. This was Alessa's 3rd shoot at BlowBang Girls and up until this time we didn't know she was so orgasmic LOL! You also get 10+ minutes of Mike's behind the scenes video of Alessa while she is cleaning up.

Alessa Snow is back by popular demand from both our viewers and The BlowBang Guys! Alessa is always an amazing woman to have in a blowbang, she is full of energy and her blowjob skills are off the chart. And the guys love her huge natural tits. However, today we learned something new about Alessa .. she is super orgasmic. A few of the guys got down and started fingering Alessa’s pussy and WOW did she every respond, she sucked cock and quivered in orgasm at the same time. I think she orgasmed 2 or 3 times during the shoot. It is really a sight to see when a woman orgasms with cock in her mouth. The BlowBang Guys really loved Alessa eagerly sucking their cocks too. Watch as she uses her amazing skills to get 6 guys to cum all over her face. She really gets her face drenched in cum during this video and she looked like a bukkake girl by the time the blowbang was complete.

Twenty six (26) cumshots and huge facials in this video! This is our half year in review for 2017. We have assembled 26 cumshots from our best Blowbang Guys. This video is all about you and giving you the best quality cumshots you can find online. There are 24 different girls and throughout this entire video you will never wait more that 90 seconds without seeing a BlowBang Girl getting a messy facial. So, you want a video full of facials? This compilation of the first half of 2017 will give them to you! Also, we have our largest blowbang ever coming on July 4th week so join now and get 1000’s of facials at BlowBangGirls.com!

Alessa Snow Pre-Blowbang Photos
Alessa Snow

Tags: 26 - 30 years old, All Natural, Big Ass, Big Tits, Redhead, Tattoos
Here are Alessa Snow's pre-blowbang pictures. She the statuesque redhead beauty in all her curvy naked glory. She has an amazing figured and knows how to use it in order to tease and make us all feel good!

Hey everyone! Today I had the pleasure of shooting the POV for Alessa. This was Alessa’s 2nd time on the red carpet. She is always a pleasure for the guys and they wanted her back. They just love all her natural curves. She is blessed with a tiny waist and has a nice round booty and big tits. She really has a way of turning the guys on and they were cumming quickly, her blowjob skills are something to see. So don’t miss this POV blowbang as Alessa gets 6 loads of warm cum on her face.

Until next time ... Dawn Marie

Big Swinging Tits and Facials
Alessa Snow

Tags: 20 - 25 years old, All Natural, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Cum Shots, Facials, Interracial, Redhead
This is Alessa Snow's 2nd time at BlowBang Girls and just as the first time she did not disappoint. Alessa truly gets off on attending the blowbangs and sucking all the different the cocks. She gets on her knees and let’s her big natural tits swing as she goes really deep on the the guy's dicks. She eagerly sucks and smiles and makes all the guys super comfortable! Alessa loves the facials too, she never backs away and takes every facial like a champ. At one point during the shoot she even gets her eyes covered in cum and she laughs saying … "I can’t see" LOL! So don't miss this blowbang as Alessa Snow gets her face drenched with 6 loads of messy cum!

Hi everyone, this is Dawn Marie and today I had the pleasure of shooting Alessa. This was Alessa's first visit to the Red Carpet at www.blowbanggirls.com. Now she is no newbie when it comes to shooting as she has shoot before, but as she says it has been about two years. Well she kept her skills on point as she had our guys popping!! She took 10 messy loads. She never once backed away or try to dodge the guys either and they were loving it!! So if you like a woman that knows how to please a man, then you will for sure want to check out this update!! I am sure we will be having Alessa back sometime in the future.

This week at BlowBang Girls we had Alessa Snow and WOW was she amazing! Alessa look 10 loads of cum! The guys were totally stoked for Alessa because she has a body that kills. Alessa has 32DDD tits and did that ever have the guys turned on. Also, she was totally into the blowbang, Alessa was so enthusiastic as she sucked multiple cocks and took multiple facials that the BlowBang Guys were even turned on more. You'll notice in the video one guy was so turned on that he ended up taking two turns and giving her two facials. This has to be one of the best BlowBangs to date. Alessa sucks off 9 different guys and takes 10 loads of cum. She never wipes off her face, she just continuously goes on sucking more cock. Her faces gets totally drenched in this blowbang and she loves it. Her attitude and fun during this shoot makes it one of the best blowbangs ever so don’t miss mss Alessa taking 10 loads of cum on her face.

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