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The Girls / Sarah

Avg Rating: 5.0

Sarah Vital Stats:
Height:  5'2" (157 Cm)
Age:  19
Astrological Sign:  Capricorn

Meet Sarah! Sarah was really a bundle of joy to have at BlowBang Girls. Sarah is 19 years old and college art student right her in Tempe, AZ. She was so vibrant and happy that she made our day of shooting a real joy. Sarah is studying art because she wants to become a really good tattoo artist. As you can tell Sarah is an alternative girl and wow does she ever love cock! This little curvy cutie truly enjoys cock and cum and even tells us so in her interview. At only 5'2" tall Sarah still was a bundle of energy having a blast with the guys and laughing as we were filming. Don't miss Sarah's video I'm sure you will love it.
Sarah Updates

Sarah Fingers & Gives You Her Ass

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18 year old Sarah is one cute college girl. She bends over and shares her ass with you. She wants to you to cum deep inside her tightest of holes. In this ass worship video she slaps, teases and fingers her ass. All the while she is talking dirty to you and genuinely getting turned on thinking of your cock sliding in to her virgin asshole. So give Sarah the ass worshiping she needs.

Sarah's Mess POV Cum Drenched Face

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Hey guys, it's Dawn Marie and this week I had the pleasure of shooting Sarah again on our Red Carpet. Yes, I said again as she shot with us once before. We had another girl lined up and then she blanked us, so Sarah agreed to come fill in for us. Sarah took 7 huge loads!! The first one covered her glasses so much that she had to take them off in order to see and continue the shoot. She got our guys all worked up and shooting in no time what so ever ... So check out Sarah's very MESSY update, I know you will like this one!

Until next time ... Dawn Marie

Petite Girl Complete Drenched In Cum

Tags: 18 years old, All Natural, Blondes, College Girl, Cum Shots, Facials, Glasses, Nerd, Small Tits, Tattoos, Teen
This week at BlowBang Girls we had little petite 18 year old Sarah. This is Sarah’s 2nd blowbang and she saved the day for us. We originally had another 18 year old scheduled that flaked out on us and was a complete no show, no answer phone or texts. So Sarah came to shoot with only a hour and a half notice. As with Sarah’s first shoot she did fantastic. Her bubbly fun personality always makes the blowbangs a blast. Watch closely as you view her video she just grins and giggles every time a huge load gets dumped on her face. This little petite thing really turns the guys on too. The BlowBang Guys were coming fast with Sarah, I think her sexy petite girl next door little body really turns them on. And you have to see Sarah gagging on a big black cock. She is so tiny that the guys cock was as big as her forearm LOL! Plus from what the guys tell me Sarah has some pretty amazing cocking sucking skills. Sarah gets 7 loads dump over her face and I mean really dumped! She gets cum in her face, eyes, mouth and dripping down to her tits. This young woman is amazing and amazingly fun. She smiles and giggles through it all!

Sarah Fulfills Her Porno Fantasy

Tags: 18 years old, Chubby, Dildo, Small Tits, Solo, Teen
Say hello to 19 year old Sarah. She is a curvy and petite all natural woman that wanted to fulfill her fantasy of making a porno video. Well I was happy to help her fulfill her fantasy. Sarah is super sweet and an alternative nerdy type of girl. She gets off in this video using a dildo and has a real orgasmic time. Watch as she toys her fresh pussy and fantasizes about you being inside of her. Sarah loves cock and this super horny girl became super excited about you watching her naked and using a nice dildo in her wet pussy. She imagined that you were fucking her and making her cum!

As a woman and a woman that has done porn I find it amazing watching the women at BlowBang Girls. I am always one that loves to give a good blowjob ... but watching some of these women I am just like "holy shit" how does she do that ... LOL! So here is a review of the first of of 2016 behind the scenes. I have had a lot of fun recording these videos and meeting all the guys and gals that work with us. It is a messy job but I someone has to do it ... hehe! The women that come to these scenes that take so many facials and swallow so much cum are just undeniably sexual animals. We have shot more messy facials this year than ever before and they are getting down right dirty in the best possible way. So enjoy this behind the scenes view of 26 scenes and 26 facials! I'll keep on shooting them for you!

Until next time ~ Dawn Marie

Doing our half year in review for this for this weeks update. Twenty six scenes and twenty six cumshots. Most are facials but there is few swallowing too …. we have been lucky to have some naughty girls at BlowBang Girls this year and we have had several new women coming up too. Working with these women is for the most part really really fun, yes occasionally you meet a woman that is not fun, however, I can honestly say that during our shoots we get horny, laugh and enjoy it the whole time. The naughty and slutty women that get on the BlowBang Girls carpet are just dirty girls that love having fun and they allow us to peek in on all of it. Messy facials with smiles is my favorite. From Gina and Tiffany swallowing every drop to women like Allora and Elyce that get their faces drench … it’s blast to work with them all. Most are newbies, some are seasoned and have been shooting for a while but either way they are all fun. So enjoy this cumshot compilation of 26 cumshots and heres to a great second of half of 2016! Dawn Marie and I both thank you very much for your support!

Today I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Sarah. She is such a cute girl and has such a nice figure. She is a little things, yet she has curves. Our guys really showed her a good time and she reciprocated the welcome by getting them all to pop, one after the other. Sarah never backed away for the cum, no dodging from this girl, she took it all and it shows on her face with her cute little smile. You will not want to miss the mess that Sarah created with our guys!

Until next time ... Dawn Marie

19 year old Sarah comes to BlowBang Girls and I have to say it was one fantastic blowbang. Sarah loves cock and cum and the guys loved her. This young alternative woman really got into it! She sucked all the cock and took all the cum. She never shied away from it at all and devoured cock like there was no tomorrow. The BlowBang Guys loved Sarah's curvy little body and her spunky attitude, it shows as you watch both Sarah and the guys having a fun time. She sucked cock, deep throated some cock and even sucked on the guys ball sacks. She really knew how to use her skills to make guys cum and keep them happy. Sarah took cum on her tits and a lot of cum on her face. She was really a horny woman during this scene and her enjoyment shows. Don't miss this blowbang as Sarah sucks off 8 guys and drains all their cum!

I joined for Sarah content and I regret nothing! <3