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The Girls / Nikki

Avg Rating: 3.0

Nikki Vital Stats:
Height:  5'4" (163 Cm)
Age:  22
Astrological Sign:  Virgo

Welcome Nikki to Blowbang Girls. I am not even sure where to start with this woman … Nikki has to be one of the most bizarre women we have ever had a Blowbang Girls. She is a total stoner hippie chick. However, Nikki did have a fun personality and she is a very sweet girl. Her body is super cute with curves in all the right places. A little meat on her bones makes her all soft and sexy. Nikki has nice C cup tits and curvy hips. She is an alternative chick with tattoos and piercings. She does have a very sexy vibe and tends to ooze sexuality which turned everyone on. She is blonde with short hair, however, she likes wearing extensions and had long hair at BBG.
Nikki Updates

It’s BLACK FRIDAY here in the USA and for this week we have a very special Black Friday event! This video has everything if you like good ole' interracial blowjobs and face fucking! 27 of the best cumshots from one of the longest running BBG guys, Lee! Lee has been with us for a long time and the girls love him! The viewers love him too! He is interactive, dirty, vocal, has huge loads, gives great facials and most intriguing to the girls … he has a huge black cock and knows how to use it! This video has girls of all shapes, sizes and ages; tall, short, skinny, chubby, big tits, small tits, from 18 to 44 years old, tattoos, no tattoos … no matter what your taste you will find it. Watch as Lee uses is big black cock on all these different women. There are handjobs, face fucking, blowjobs, ball sucking … a little of everything. But best of all this Black Friday weekend you get to see Lee dump 27 different facials on these women and they are huge messy facials!

2017 Facial Compilation 26 Loads
Alessa Snow, Alisha Adams

Tags: Blowjobs, Cum Play, Cum Shots, Cum Strings, Deep Throat, Face Fucking, Facials, Interracial, Newbie
Twenty six (26) cumshots and huge facials in this video! This is our half year in review for 2017. We have assembled 26 cumshots from our best Blowbang Guys. This video is all about you and giving you the best quality cumshots you can find online. There are 24 different girls and throughout this entire video you will never wait more that 90 seconds without seeing a BlowBang Girl getting a messy facial. So, you want a video full of facials? This compilation of the first half of 2017 will give them to you! Also, we have our largest blowbang ever coming on July 4th week so join now and get 1000’s of facials at BlowBangGirls.com!

This week for Nikki’s POV we had one of the BlowBang Guys shoot the video. Dawn Marie has been out of town visiting family so she was not able to attend. As with Nikki’s main video this hippie chick was something to see during the blowbang. She gets 6 messy POV facials in this video and we have left plenty of behind the scenes footage so you can see what went on between guys. There is also LOTS of face fucking and hands free dick sucking. This quirky woman was really a trip during our blowbang, however, as always she ends in a mess. She gets 6 loads of cum on her face.

Say to Nikki, the stoner! This woman was a real trip! Watch her speak during the interview, you will see that she must be stoned haha! She was all excited for the blowbang and had a good attitude throughout, however, I am not sure she knew how to really suck cock. But she sure as hell let the guys fuck her face! When you watch this blowbang I left in plenty of behind the scenes footage where I have to explain to Nikki how to use her hands. I have never seen a woman suck so much cock hands free. During the shoot I had to stop multiple times, not because Nikki was not having fun, but rather because I had to explain to her how to stroke a cock and suck it at the same time. It was actually quite funny and you can hear the BlowBang Guys laughing and joking. One of the BlowBang Guys even jumps in and tells her what to do to get the guys to pop. During the interview Nikki bragged a little about her deep throat skills. Well believe me, when our BBC guy jumped in she was definitely tested and she tried her best to swallow his huge cock. He ends up face fucking the hell out of her. Despite Nikki being stoned it was a super fun blowbang and she gets blasted with 6 huge facials. I won’t lie she was overwhelmed at times but she kept a good attitude and never quit! So don’t miss this stoner hippie chick sucking down all the cock and getting 6 loads of messy cum.