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The Girls / Danielle

Avg Rating: 5.0

Danielle Vital Stats:
Height:  5'2" (157 Cm)
Age:  25
Astrological Sign:  Cancer

Danielle Updates

Welcome back Daniela back for her 2nd blowbang! If you remember Daniela from her first blowbang this woman is over the top with personality! She is so much fun with laughing, giggling and sucking cock and sucking cock is her specialty. This blowbang is filmed a little different. We redid the blowbang room to allow for many more angles of shooting and more fun for everyone involved. Daniela broke in the new room. Also, I have included a pre-blowbang topless question and answer session with Daniela where she reveals quite a big about herself. The BlowBang Guys love having her come in and suck their dicks because she does it with energy and a smile on her face. What is funny in this video is that Daniela gets really splattered with cum and couple of times and it makes her laugh as she gets overwhelmed with getting her face totally covered in cum. Watch her do some serious deep throating and completely gag on the dick to the point that she actually spits up! Want some dirty fun porn to get you off! Let Daniela do it as she takes 7 facials from 7 different guys!

This week's blowbang is a compilation video for the BEST OF curvy, chubby and big tit girls. The wife and I have been remodeling our studio for a new 2018 look that will allow us more flexibility on shooting camera angles to make BlowBang Girls even better. Because of that the studio has been out of action for like 10 days.

Many of us (including me) like the curvy and chubby women. Big tits and natural curves with a few extra pounds really turns on a lot of us! In this video there are 17 big tit, curvy or chubby women getting 17 loads of cum! There is something here for everyone and kind of greatest of hits of BlowBang Girls naturally curvy women. So, grab your cock and get ready to blast your load because I don't think you can hold out until the end of this one!

The Black Friday Special POV version is here! 27 POV cumshots and facials featuring BBC and face fucking! If you like interracial you will enjoy this messy video as our interactive and dirty talking BBG Guy Lee gives it to these girls! This video has girls of all shapes, sizes and ages; tall, short, skinny, chubby, big tits, small tits, from 18 to 44 years old, tattoos, no tattoos … no matter what your taste you will find it. Lots of cum!

Big Tit Lizard Tongue POV BTS

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Now you can see Danielle up close and personal! Watch Danielle in her 2nd blowbang POV style and see her amazing tongue in action! This big tit blonde knows how to suck a dick! And as an added bonus you get Danielle's post blowbang interview with Mike. See her wipe up her face and get the cum off before leaving. Mike even films her little heart shaped patch of pussy hair. Danielle gets 5 loads of cum in this blowbang and this quirky but sexual woman has a good time. Behind the Scenes and POV action.

This is Danielle's 2nd blowbang. If you remember her first blowbang you know about her tongue. Danielle as tongue that must be 8 inches long!! She can go balls deep and still lick your balls with her tongue. It is really something to behold. In this blowbang she takes on 5 BlowBang Guys and does an amazing job of sucking their cocks. This quirky but fun woman showed up wearing braids and with her big natural tits really had the guys turned on. So, don't miss this as Danielle gives these guys a great blowjob and gets 5 good loads of cum!

Hey everyone it's Dawn Marie and today I had the pleasure of shooting Danielle. This was Danielle's first visit with BlowBang Girls and on our Red Carpet. Her interview she gave said she was into dominating her partner(s) but once we started shooting it became obvious that she like being dominated. Our guys gave her 9 messy loads! We are trying to give y'all more pops and guys in our shoots.. So check out Danielle's update and watch her take load after load.

Until next time ... Dawn Marie

Welcome Danielle to BlowBang Girls! This is Danielle's very first porn ever. When we showed a couple of pictures of Danielle to the BlowBang Guys they were ready. This short 5'2" blonde has huge 34DDD tits and big curvy ass, the guys were excited to get their hands on her. I will confess when Danielle came in for her shoot she was a little nerdy and awkward. I was actually a little nervous thinking this is not going to be good. But Danielle made me eat my words, she did FANTASTIC. Danielle went through 9 guys and got 9 big loads of cum. She never complained or asked for break or anything. She just worked her way through the guys giving them excellent blowjobs and making them cum. And Danielle had a secret weapon …. she has a tongue about a mile long, her tongue would put Gene Simmons to shame. Her long tongue and deep throat skills were really amazing and the guys definitely got into it having her go balls deep several time. Danielle did one thing truly amazing. She went balls deep on the biggest dick guy that attends and he was blown away by her ability to complete swallow his big black cock. Don’t miss this blowbang and watch Danielle take 9 huge loads of cum as this nerdy girl gets them all to blow their loads!

Danielle's Pre-Blowbang Warm Up

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This is Danielle's first time in front of camera naked and although she started out nervous and quite it did not take long until she was fired up and ready for some fun. She fingers her pussy in this shoot and gets off big time at the end. You get to see her big natural tits and her big white butt cheeks in this video and she really does cum good at the end. Wait until you see her blowbang of 9 guys!

Do you know if she'll be back?