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The Girls / Arabella

Avg Rating: 5.0

Arabella Vital Stats:
Height:  5’4” (163 Cm)
Age:  20
Astrological Sign:  Taurus

Please welcome Arabella to BlowBang Girls she came to us recommended by her friend Alex whom is also on our site. Arabella just moved to Phoenix in the last year from Nashville. She moved out here all on her own because she want change in her life and attend ASU. She is a very smart and pretty young woman whom is talkative and witty. At 20 years old she is 100% supporting herself and also going to college. She is 5'4" and 110 pounds. She has nice C cup natural breasts and loves working out. You can tell the great shape she is in just by looking at her flat stomach and firm body. This petite blonde loves being the dirty girl.
Arabella Updates

Hey guys it's Dawn Marie and on this day I had the pleasure of shooting Arabella's Behind the Scenes. This was Arabella's first time on our Red Carpet and her very first adult video.. At first it started out slow and honestly I was a bit worried about the entire shoot. But don't you be worried about her shoot as things started slowly, but ended with a bang! Arabella took 8 messy loads and never once tried or even asked to stop to wipe it off. And I'm telling you it got messy and she was such a trooper and I think you will REALLY enjoy the mess she created!! So check out Arabella's update and as always, your feedback is encouraged!

Until the next time... Dawn Marie

Arabella was referred by BlowBang Girl Alex and I am very happy Alex referred her to us because she is fantastic. This is her very frist ever porno shoot. Arabella did a fantastic job and literally got covered by 8 loads of cum. This 20 year old is quite good looking and super fit! The BlowBang Guys got really turned on by her. I'll be honest this one starts out a little slow but by the end guys are popping like crazy. Arabella took it all like a champ too, she laugh, teased and had some witty comments during the shoot. She does the entire blowbang without wiping cum off of her one time. Sucking dick after dick they cum on her face and she just keeps on going, with massacre running down her face and all. She became quite turned on by all the cock and cum and loved being the dirty girl. As a college student Arabella is quite often buried in books so this afternoon she got down her knees and sucked off 8 guys getting her face drenched in cum … You don’t want to miss this one!

As a woman and a woman that has done porn I find it amazing watching the women at BlowBang Girls. I am always one that loves to give a good blowjob ... but watching some of these women I am just like "holy shit" how does she do that ... LOL! So here is a review of the first of of 2016 behind the scenes. I have had a lot of fun recording these videos and meeting all the guys and gals that work with us. It is a messy job but I someone has to do it ... hehe! The women that come to these scenes that take so many facials and swallow so much cum are just undeniably sexual animals. We have shot more messy facials this year than ever before and they are getting down right dirty in the best possible way. So enjoy this behind the scenes view of 26 scenes and 26 facials! I'll keep on shooting them for you!

Until next time ~ Dawn Marie

Doing our half year in review for this for this weeks update. Twenty six scenes and twenty six cumshots. Most are facials but there is few swallowing too …. we have been lucky to have some naughty girls at BlowBang Girls this year and we have had several new women coming up too. Working with these women is for the most part really really fun, yes occasionally you meet a woman that is not fun, however, I can honestly say that during our shoots we get horny, laugh and enjoy it the whole time. The naughty and slutty women that get on the BlowBang Girls carpet are just dirty girls that love having fun and they allow us to peek in on all of it. Messy facials with smiles is my favorite. From Gina and Tiffany swallowing every drop to women like Allora and Elyce that get their faces drench … it’s blast to work with them all. Most are newbies, some are seasoned and have been shooting for a while but either way they are all fun. So enjoy this cumshot compilation of 26 cumshots and heres to a great second of half of 2016! Dawn Marie and I both thank you very much for your support!