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The Girls / Allora Ashlyn

Avg Rating: 4.9

Allora Ashlyn Vital Stats:
Height:  5’4” (163 Cm)
Age:  18
Astrological Sign:  Capricorn

Well HELLO Allora Ashyln! Allora came to us from right in her the Phoenix Metro area. She is 18 years old and has a huge sexual drive. She is partly of mid-eastern heritage and her beauty truly shines through. Her white skin with her black hair and amazing figure just makes this woman a true exotic beauty. Allora told me she has always been interested in doing porn and it shows. She loves cock and being in front of the camera. With big tits and curves in all the right places she definitely is one true natural beauty. I have had the opportunity to get to know Allora in real life and she is truly a sweet person.
Allora Ashlyn Updates

Aggressive Squirting Dildo Masturbation
Allora Ashlyn

Tags: 18 years old, Arab, Big Tits, Black Girl, Dildo, Solo, Teen
When this video was recorded Allora Ashlyn was only 18 years and 3 months old! I have no idea how she learned so much about her own sexuality at such an age. But she certainly has, Allora has a sex drive that is just over the top. She is an extremely sexual woman and knows how to make herself cum. A lot 18 years old are still learning their bodies but Allora has mastered hers. You will see in this video how aggressively Allora fucks her pussy with the glass dildo and not only that, she beats her ass and tits with the glass dildo so hard I thought she’d bruise herself. Allora cums multiple times in this video and squirts too. She has amazing command of her body and pussy! Lots of sound in this video too as Allora lets her moans and groans.

Allora Ashlyn Squirts Multiple Times
Allora Ashlyn

Tags: 18 years old, Arab, Big Tits, Black Hair, Dildo, Newbie, Orgasm, Solo, Teen
1080p HD - 18 year old Allora Ashlyn is really something special. This woman has a body that is so damn sexy. She has curves in all the right places, big natural breasts and and sexy ass booty. Even though Allora is only 18 years old she has a sex drive that just does not quit. In this video you will see her very aggressively fuck her pussy with her dildo and she squirts multiple times!

As a woman and a woman that has done porn I find it amazing watching the women at BlowBang Girls. I am always one that loves to give a good blowjob ... but watching some of these women I am just like "holy shit" how does she do that ... LOL! So here is a review of the first of of 2016 behind the scenes. I have had a lot of fun recording these videos and meeting all the guys and gals that work with us. It is a messy job but I someone has to do it ... hehe! The women that come to these scenes that take so many facials and swallow so much cum are just undeniably sexual animals. We have shot more messy facials this year than ever before and they are getting down right dirty in the best possible way. So enjoy this behind the scenes view of 26 scenes and 26 facials! I'll keep on shooting them for you!

Until next time ~ Dawn Marie

Doing our half year in review for this for this weeks update. Twenty six scenes and twenty six cumshots. Most are facials but there is few swallowing too …. we have been lucky to have some naughty girls at BlowBang Girls this year and we have had several new women coming up too. Working with these women is for the most part really really fun, yes occasionally you meet a woman that is not fun, however, I can honestly say that during our shoots we get horny, laugh and enjoy it the whole time. The naughty and slutty women that get on the BlowBang Girls carpet are just dirty girls that love having fun and they allow us to peek in on all of it. Messy facials with smiles is my favorite. From Gina and Tiffany swallowing every drop to women like Allora and Elyce that get their faces drench … it’s blast to work with them all. Most are newbies, some are seasoned and have been shooting for a while but either way they are all fun. So enjoy this cumshot compilation of 26 cumshots and heres to a great second of half of 2016! Dawn Marie and I both thank you very much for your support!

On this day I had the pleasure of shooting Allora's Behind the Scenes for BlowBang Girls. This was her first time on the Red Carpet and I'm sure we will be seeing her again. Allora is just the cutest little thing, but do not let her size fool you, she knows how to handle a cock. Our guys made her feel comfortable with hard cock after hard cock and load after load all over her pretty face. So if you like a naughty messy girl, this is and update you will NOT want to miss. Check out Allora and as always, your feedback is welcomed.

Until next time ~ Dawn Marie

WOW is the first word that comes to mind with Allora's blowbang! This 18 year old woman is truly amazing! She blowsbangs 8 guys in this video and gets 8 messy facials. She is true mess by the end of the shoot. We are all getting a treat with Allora at BlowBang Girls, this is her very first ever porn shoot and she was absolutely fantastic. Sucking cock like a woman that had been doing it for years! Don't let her age or soft voice fool you, she is animal once the cocks come out and the camera turns on. She was really into it and you can tell by the big smile on her face as she is getting facials. This 18 year old is also built beautifully, with her big tits, flat stomach and curving hips she as body most women would die for and most men would die to get their hands on. So don't miss the blowbang because it is truly one of the best ones we’ve shot to date. Allora takes on 8 guys and takes 8 facials for one of the messiest blowbangs we ever had!