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So are you considering being a BlowBang Guy? Here is what you need to know in order to participate.

  • This is a BlowBang ... NOT fucking.
  • Must be able to perform in front of other men with camera rolling.
  • Must be weight / height appropriate. Don't have to be a stud but no obese men.
  • Must be well groomed down below.
  • You DO NOT have to show your face.
  • Must show up to shoots on time. Shoots are normally at 11:45 am in Tempe. That means showing up at 11:30am.
  • If you no show you are no longer able to participate. Showing up is important because I don't book extra guys.
  • There is NO pay ... you do this for the fun of the experience.

If this is something you feel comfortable doing and want to participate please contact "". Please include a recent NON-DICK picture. We want to see your body.