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Callie Klein Vital Stats:
Height:  5'4" (163 Cm)
Age:  18
Astrological Sign:  Cancer

I have to tell you that his woman Callie Klein is something special. She is only 18 years old but quite mature for her age and an absolute blast to be around! Callie came to me via Twitter and reached out to me for advice about getting into adult videos. Well needless to say she has followed through. I truly believe that Callie is on her way and soon you'll be seeing her all over the net, but just remember you saw her here first. This pint size bundle of happiness is just as cute as can be and she absolutely LOVES sex. She likes oral and being fucked while she is restrained. She loves being submissive and restrained by her man. Don't let Callie’s 5'4" pint size fool you. She is a bundle of energy with curves in the right places. Her beautiful curvy ass combined with her nice full C cup natural breasts had all of us drooling at Blowbang Girls. So make sure you check out Callie's very first porno scene, I promise you will enjoy it.
Callie Klein Updates

First off, Dawn Marie and I want to say THANK YOU to all the BlowBang Girl supporters! Without y’all becoming members this site could not exist and we have fun putting all these facials online! Secondly, we want to say thank you to the BlowBang Guys, their cumshot shooting facials combine with the girls make this site possible. 2017 has been a banner year for BlowBang Girls. We are sure 2018 will see our site and Adult Internet properties grow more. This is our 2017 year in review! In 2017 BlowBang Girls shot 48 new scenes containing 385 facials and that is a real accomplishment in the world of porn. We have to thank Mike from My Dirty Demo too, he brought us some fantastic women in 2017! Our final thanks goes to all the wonderful women that shot for us this year. Enjoy this Year in Review as BlowBang Girls brings you 48 facials and cumshots, 1 from each scene of the year. Want to see the girls and their facials progress through 2017? Here is your chance. One video with 48 facials containing women from 18-years-old to 35-years-old. This video is a serious a Jack Off Encouragement Compilation that can have you enjoying all our never before seen girls for weeks! And remember, our BlowBang Guys are all amateur and you could have your chance too!

Recently we had Callie Klein return to BlowBang Girls after a year absence from our site. Callie is now officially the most blowbanged girl on our site. We started shooting Callie when she was only 18-years-old and now she is 20-years-old. Watching her grow into a real-life porn girl over the past couple of years has been something to see. From shooting a little solo video for us to the point now where she shoots for a lot of the big companies. Her cock suck skills have grown too, from her shy bashful days to now …. In this blowbang she facefucks, deep throats, spits, gags, plays with cum and really makes the guys come fast with her blowjob skills. Callie gets really drenched with cum in this video with 6 messy facials and cum covered glasses. If you like sexy, dirty petite Latinas you'll love this video as Callie Klein makes all the blowbang guys cum big time.

It’s BLACK FRIDAY here in the USA and for this week we have a very special Black Friday event! This video has everything if you like good ole' interracial blowjobs and face fucking! 27 of the best cumshots from one of the longest running BBG guys, Lee! Lee has been with us for a long time and the girls love him! The viewers love him too! He is interactive, dirty, vocal, has huge loads, gives great facials and most intriguing to the girls … he has a huge black cock and knows how to use it! This video has girls of all shapes, sizes and ages; tall, short, skinny, chubby, big tits, small tits, from 18 to 44 years old, tattoos, no tattoos … no matter what your taste you will find it. Watch as Lee uses is big black cock on all these different women. There are handjobs, face fucking, blowjobs, ball sucking … a little of everything. But best of all this Black Friday weekend you get to see Lee dump 27 different facials on these women and they are huge messy facials!

Callie Klein is back at BlowBang Girls and this is by far her dirtiest blowbang yet. Callie has all the right curves in the right places and that combined with her happy attitude had the BlowBang Guys cumming big time! She slurps, sucks and deep throats dick until the guys blast her with cum. She works hard on her knees making all the guys happy and Callie had a blast herself. You’ll see her laugh and enjoy sucking all the cocks the whole time. She even says at one point during the shoot "I just love having cum on me!". BlowBang Girls was one of Callie's first shoots since starting porn last February at 18 years old. She is now 19 and the experienced she has gained will amazing you. She really goes after it in this blowbang. So don’t miss this one as Callie Klein sucks off 8 different guys and gets her face drenched in cum!

Doing our half year in review for this for this weeks update. Twenty six scenes and twenty six cumshots. Most are facials but there is few swallowing too …. we have been lucky to have some naughty girls at BlowBang Girls this year and we have had several new women coming up too. Working with these women is for the most part really really fun, yes occasionally you meet a woman that is not fun, however, I can honestly say that during our shoots we get horny, laugh and enjoy it the whole time. The naughty and slutty women that get on the BlowBang Girls carpet are just dirty girls that love having fun and they allow us to peek in on all of it. Messy facials with smiles is my favorite. From Gina and Tiffany swallowing every drop to women like Allora and Elyce that get their faces drench … it’s blast to work with them all. Most are newbies, some are seasoned and have been shooting for a while but either way they are all fun. So enjoy this cumshot compilation of 26 cumshots and heres to a great second of half of 2016! Dawn Marie and I both thank you very much for your support!

If you have followed my site for a bit you know that Callie was just a few months over 18 years old when she first started with me. Well now she is still 18, however, she has learned a lot. To see her first blowbang and then to see this one it is a 180 degree turn. She is vocal, messy, covered in facials, gagging, deep throating and makes a generally fun messy sloppy blowbang. The guys loved it. Cute little Callie in her glasses getting her face drenched in cum from the blowbang guys is really something to see. Wait until you hear her laugh during this shoot as she enjoys all the cock. Also, this is her very first shoot with big black cock and when he pulls it out she is taken back at the size, however, Callie totally works it doing her best to take it all in and even gets throat fucked by BBC until she gags. This is an amazing blowbang with a woman that started out so innocent and is now a true cock and cum loving slut. So don’t miss this as Callie takes 6 awesome facials!

Yes you have seen Callie Klein on BlowBang Girls before this shoot. However, this is truly her first blowbang and her first time with multiple guys in front of her face. She did do a scene once prior to this one, so this was truly the second porn shoot she ever participated in. Callie was only 18 years old and 6 months when this video was shot and she did an amazing job as a newbie. You'll see this video that she is a little timid and overwhelmed at times but for a total newbie she did an amazing job handling all the cock and cum. Callie was really energetic and fun during the shoot too. As such a young woman she was really great at handling all the guys and truly enjoyed herself. Callie gets off on being a dirty girl and she lived up to it in this, her very first blowbang. So don't miss this update as Callie with her all natural 18 year old curves and cute little body gets on her knees and pulls 6 loads of cum out of the BlowBang Guys.

Welcome Callie Klein to Blowbang Girls. This is Callie's very first porno video to be published on the Internet. This pint size curvy woman is bundle of joy and the Blowbang Guys could not wait to their hands on her and their dicks in her mouth. Callie freely admits she loves sucking dick and swallowing cum. But she also loves facials. She both swallows and takes facials in this video and wait until you see the big smile on her face after her face gets blasted. It was pure joy filming her for this video. The guys absolutely loved her and she had them getting off quite quickly. She gobbles up their hard cocks and please each and every one of them. She was such a good sport doing this Mardi Gras shoot and at only 18 years old I am not sure where she learned her cock sucking skills but it was amazing to watch! Callie sucks off 6 guys in the videos taking the cum and getting facials. What a better way to celebrate Mardi Gras than having an 18 year old hottie like Callie going down on you. Be sure to watch this and don’t miss all the fun cumshots. Keep your eyes open for Callie on all your favorite sites out there because I’m sure in the future you’ll see her, she is going places but we had her first! Woo Hoo!