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BlowBang: In the same vein as gangbang, except instead of intercourse the girl gives blowjobs to all the guys, often resulting in a mess of ejaculate on her face, in her mouth, or on her tits!

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Callie's 1st Ever Blowbang
Added 05/20/2016
Yes you have seen Callie Klein on BlowBang Girls before this shoot. However, this is truly her first blowbang and her first time with multiple guys in front of her face. She did do a scene once prior to this one, so this was truly the second porn shoot she ever participated in. Callie was only 18 years old and 6 months when this video was shot and she did an amazing job as a newbie. You'll see this video that she is a little timid and overwhelmed at times but for a total newbie she did an amazing job handling all the cock and cum. Callie was really energetic and fun during the shoot too. As such a young woman she was really great at handling all the guys and truly enjoyed herself. Callie gets off on being a dirty girl and she lived up to it in this, her very first blowbang. So don't miss this update as Callie with her all natural 18 year old curves and cute little body gets on her knees and pulls 6 loads of cum out of the BlowBang Guys.

33 minute(s), 28 second(s) of video

MILF Payton Enjoys All The Cock
Added 05/13/2016
This week at BlowBang Girls we have Payton Hall and wow was it ever a hot one! The guys got totally turned on by this petite sexual creature. Payton is 54 years old but don't let that fool you, she is sexy as hell, fit and can devour cock. Payton was extreme vocal, energetic and fun to have sucking all the guys cocks. She was truly a joy to work with. Payton gets on her knees and immediately starts sucking cock. She did an amazing job at it too, as you can tell this video is only 20 minutes long but don't let that full you. The cum is flying in this video as Payton has the guys so turned on they are cumming fast and furiously. Payton was so good at teasing the guys and getting them to pop, they were just totally turned on. She was great with the cum too as she never wiped her face during the entire shoot as she gets mega-facials covering her. So don't miss this blowbang as Payton gets 6 guys covering her face in cum in record time! Getting mega facials was one of Payton's fantasies and she made it come true on this day!

22 minute(s) of video

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Newbie Arabella Drenched In Cum!
Added 05/06/2016
Arabella was referred by BlowBang Girl Alex and I am very happy Alex referred her to us because she is fantastic. This is her very frist ever porno shoot. Arabella did a fantastic job and literally got covered by 8 loads of cum. This 20 year old is quite good looking and super fit! The BlowBang Guys got really turned on by her. I'll be honest this one starts out a little slow but by the end guys are popping like crazy. Arabella took it all like a champ too, she laugh, teased and had some witty comments during the shoot. She does the entire blowbang without wiping cum off of her one time. Sucking dick after dick they cum on her face and she just keeps on going, with massacre running down her face and all. She became quite turned on by all the cock and cum and loved being the dirty girl. As a college student Arabella is quite often buried in books so this afternoon she got down her knees and sucked off 8 guys getting her face drenched in cum … You don’t want to miss this one!

33 minute(s), 33 second(s) of video

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Sexy Latina Takes 6 Loads
Added 04/29/2016
This week at BlowBang Girls we have Christi and the guys really dug her. This 19 year old woman was a lot of fun, for both us behind the camera and the BllowBang Guys. She is fun young woman with a great personality and she really got off sitting on her knees sucking off all the cocks. With her long flowing hair back in a pony tail she eagerly sucked and slurped up cock. She is a messy cock sucker too and the guys always get off on that. Lots of spit and cum strings made for a quite messy blowbang. She ended up with cum on her face and tits and never wiped it off the entire time. So don’t miss the messy blowbang with Christi as she sucks off 6 guys!

30 minute(s), 14 second(s) of video

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Allora's First Ever Porno 8 Loads!
Added 04/22/2016
WOW is the first word that comes to mind with Allora's blowbang! This 18 year old woman is truly amazing! She blowsbangs 8 guys in this video and gets 8 messy facials. She is true mess by the end of the shoot. We are all getting a treat with Allora at BlowBang Girls, this is her very first ever porn shoot and she was absolutely fantastic. Sucking cock like a woman that had been doing it for years! Don't let her age or soft voice fool you, she is animal once the cocks come out and the camera turns on. She was really into it and you can tell by the big smile on her face as she is getting facials. This 18 year old is also built beautifully, with her big tits, flat stomach and curving hips she as body most women would die for and most men would die to get their hands on. So don't miss the blowbang because it is truly one of the best ones we’ve shot to date. Allora takes on 8 guys and takes 8 facials for one of the messiest blowbangs we ever had!

45 minute(s), 37 second(s) of video

Round 2 She Gets Drenched In Cum!
Added 04/15/2016
Kurvy Kimmie is back! She did a fantastic job the first time at BlowBang Girls and the BlowBang Guys have been wanting her back. So I was happy to oblige them. Kimmie is a bit of an amazon woman but in the most attractive way. She has curves everywhere with big natural tits. In this blowbang she blows 7 guys ending with her face being drenched in cum. And I do mean drench, her face was totally covered. Guys really had no problem popping for Kimmie. She can really suck dick and the BlowBang Guys loved it. Don't miss this messy update of 30 something Kimmie sucking all these guys and getting her face covered in cum and all the time laughing with a big smile. Kimmie takes 7 loads and lots of messy facials!

26 minute(s), 40 second(s) of video

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