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32 Facials of Girls Grossed Out by Cum

32 facials of women grossed out by blowbang cum! If you like cum-dislike facials you will love this one. In this video we have 32 facials of amateur girls being grossed out by the amount of cum dumped on their faces. It’s a BlowBang Girls cumshots blooper edition LOL! That is more than 1 cum shot per-minute. It also includes all 32 cumshots in slow motion so that makes for 64 cum shots in the week’s update! This video has some really hilarious moments. When getting facials followed by grossing out on the cum and then having to wipe their face to get the cum off of them. Quite often at BBG we have girls come up in all gun-ho for the facials and then when reality sets in they get grossed out by all the cum on their face. This is 32 of the best clips of this happening and it’s one cum drench video! Don’t miss this Black Friday special edition.

Date Added: November 23, 2018


37 min of video


Rating: 4.8/5.0

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