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Recently we welcomed Robin Knight back to our Red Carpet at Blow Bang Girls. Robin is not new to our studio, she has shot with us a few times and we decided to ask her back for another round. Robin has so much energy and is so much fun to work with. Before the shoot I said, I think this is going to be about 25 minutes. We had 6 guys and knowing them and Robin, I knew she was going to have things popping in no time at all.

I shot the POV/BTS for Robin’s shoot and she had such great eye contact for the guys and let’s just face it, she has beautiful eyes. Don’t know how any guy can last very long having their cock in her mouth and looking down into those eyes.. And can I just say it, another girl on our Red Carpet that literally has no gag reflex!! WTF how does this keep happening? She took some of these guys balls deep and never batted an eye!

Follow Robin Knight on Twitter, so give her a follow and tell he I sent ya :) . And check her out on www.blowbanggirls.com and of course, let me know what you think of my POV/BTS Shooting.

Dawn Marie on Brooke
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This week we had a girl scheduled to do our BlowBang and she cancelled the night before the shoot. Brooke showed up on the Red Carpet to fill in and she was great. She wore a cute little pink romper and she looked all innocent, no one would have guessed she was coming to blow 8 guys. When we started shooting, you could tell Brooke was nervous, but once she got started she was into it. You can see her trying to dodge the cum shots, but the guys step giving her load after load. She got quite the mess from our guys!!

Ok, the question I have is why do none of these girls have a gag reflex? So many of the girls we shoot have none, the take some pretty large cocks deep without gagging in the slightest.

Check out Brooke’s visit on the Red Carpet for www.blowbanggirls.com If you like it messy, you will like this one.

Dawn Marie

OMG ... Rey was fantastic at BlowBang Girls. Rey is a serious runner and just looking at her body you can tell. She has plump tight booty and a ripped stomach and that fitness gave her the incredible skills a slaying a blowbang! She gives 7 blowjobs and gets 7 facials!

BlowBang member testimonial on Rey's update: "Good start to 2018. No, great start! Rey is super hot and she has some nice little tan lines and a lovely booty. She has that nervous excitedness that's fun. Nice to see her have so much fun and she can really suck a cock. A few of the guys helped her to take their penis balls deep in her mouth and she did a great job. It was fun seeing her giggle and look up at the guy after each one ejaculated in her face. I heard the BBC say put your hair tie on and knew it would be good lol. Great job as usual and it was fun when he laid his big penis on her face and messily rubbed it on it. He barely at time to take his big cock out of her mouth before covering her face with a big load. Such a fun girl and Rey certainly get messy with jizz."

Ok I have confession to make … I totally have a fetish for Latina women! My fetish for them developed when I moved to Phoenix in 1999. Phoenix is the first place I have lived that had a large population of Latinos, so when I discovered the beauty and personality of Latina women that I passed in normal everyday life I as totally into them!

With BlowBang Girls being located in the Phoenix area we are lucky enough to have lots of Latina women show up to shoots for our various sites. Below is a picture containing just a few of them, however, we have many more on our various sites. That Latina girls that come and shoot for us are some of the best blowbangs and blowjobs we have. They are generally really outgoing and share a lot of their personality. The stereotype of Latina women being outspoken totally holds true for the most part, they are some of the most vibrant personalities on our sites and they are willing express their thoughts and sexuality. Not to mention most of them are awesome at blowjobs LOL!

Whether they are teens, 20 somethings, short, tall, thin, curvy, petite, big tits, big ass or whatever they are all fun and full of energy. So, I just wanted to give a shout out to the beauty, personality and nakedness of the Latina women on our sites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! ~ Rob

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